Best Real Estate Apps For Buyers & Investors in 2021

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Investing in real estate is a complex venture that requires great market knowledge and strong instincts. What’s even more imperative, is you have all the credible resources and tools at hand that will enable you to make informed decisions on time. It’s a fact that the world of real estate has come a long way. Although bound by the challenges of the market and myriad intermediary steps of finding the right property, modern real estate has evolved into a space that prefers faster deals and seamless customer and seller experience. This is where the ‘right tools’ aka the real estate apps have paved their way in serving the modern property management business. From a plethora of real estate apps in the market, serving not just the buyers or potential investors, these applications can also be a great source of finding clientele for realtors and offering insights for the ones who are venturing into this business. All in all, these real estate apps constitute a huge network of buyers, sellers, investors, and developers, offering users a one-stop shop for all their property management needs besides the latest property listings and market knowledge.

If you are a property buyer, seller, or investor venturing into the dynamic space of real estate, Let’s take a look at some of the best real estate apps that will set you right on course.


This app is renowned for its lower prices it offers investors to spend on property investment. offers investors a to access their options in bank-owned and foreclosed properties, enabling them to bid on for prices that often start way below the home’s actual value.


  • Exclusive properties with lower prices.
  • Shows bank-owned and foreclosed properties.
  • Can start the bidding below the actual value.

2. Ten-X Commercial App

This app is designed to streamline the way commercial properties are purchased. It is also responsible for approximately 90 percent of all online commercial real estate sales.

Features :

  • A broad database for commercial properties
  • Exclusive information on area-wise commercial properties
  • Easy-to-use and highly intuitive.

3. Property Fixer

Property fixer is a great tool for flipping properties and better management of fixing homes. You need to simply enter the data of your property into the app and it will help you calculate your ROI and overall profit from rehabbing and reselling the property.


  • All the necessary tools for property management and property flipping.
  • Helps with the calculation of ROI post-rehabilitation.
  • Evaluates the market price according to the latest inflation or slump.

4. Roofstock

This application is perfect for investors looking to purchase single-family properties.  It offers a variety of online tools, insights, and proprietary data enabling investors to make smarter decisions about investment.


  • Online tools specifically for investors.
  • Insights on single-family property purchase.
  • Latest data on available properties and their investment value.

5. Zillow

Used by both buyers and sellers, Zillow offers a myriad of tools for investors.  It makes it simple for homeowners to instantly sell their homes, allowing investors access to these properties. Designed to put you and your house on the map with the click of a button, the app allows users to seamlessly browse homes for sale and rent, including access to more than one million listings not on MLS.

Zillow recently integrated a new video-walkthrough feature which gives buyers a more realistic view of what to expect from a home. Sellers can even create their own video walkthrough by visiting the app. However, an agent will have to approve the video before it goes live.


  • A tool that serves sellers, buyers, and investors alike.
  • Easy one-click option to put up a property on sale.
  • Access to over one million property listings including the ones that are not on MLS.
  • A built-in video walkthrough feature.

6. Xome

Another application that is best for investors, Xome helps investors to find homes that sellers place on Xome’s market. Some of the unique features include Xome Auctions, showing you rental properties at lower prices.

Xome also has a “Homes Only” feature that allows investors to search through foreclosures, short sales, and bank owned homes in a given area. Because Xome pulls straight from listing service data, investors often have access to properties that are not yet widely available. Investors will also be excited to know that Xome pulls information on real estate auctions, some of which are exclusive to the app. Xome is available for Android and iOS.


  • Xome auctions features properties at lower prices.
  • The ‘Homes only’ brings you to foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties.
  • Access to properties that are not widely available.

7. Fundrise

Here a tool for passive investing – Fundrise. Fundrise is an online investing tool that crowdfunds real estate investments offering low buy-in requirements starting at just $1,000.  


  • Best for passive investing
  • Ideal for crowdfunding investment
  • Low-buy-in requirements

8. 10BII Calc HD Financial Calculator

This is a financial calculator application which is an easy and convenient tool to quickly determine a variety of formulas. It offers investors with insights of their cash flow analysis, calculation of  loan, mortgage payments, and estimated cost of return on a property.


  • Ease of usage
  • Calculate cash flow analysis
  • Loan mortgage payment calculation and ROI.

9. Bigger Pockets

Here’s an application that offers the right kind of education for the ones who are beginning their journey in real estate – the Bigger Pockets. One of the most popular investing apps, Bigger Pockets also has a helpful website platform for users that might prefer a desktop experience. This application has over 1.4 million members and offers a variety of tools for new or professional investors.

This application features a wide range of resources for real estate education including blogs, podcasts, ebooks, forums, and guides. These resources will come in handy when you are learning about buying a home, planning to increase its resale value or rework on your property to sell it with better returns.


  • Variety of tools for new investors and professional investors.
  • Educational blogs, podcasts, ebooks, and guides.
  • Also has an intuitive website for a great desktop experience.

10. LoopNet

Made specifically for commercial real estate investors, LoopNet is an excellent application. From Multi-unit residential and commercial property listings everything is available based on the area. Investors also have the provision of changing the location settings to expand their search. The listings on the application include high-resolution pictures, videos, and even street views to show off properties.

The LoopNet also allows investors to create a personalized watchlist where they can update and change information according to their convenience. Today, more than 500,000 property listings are available on LoopNet.


  • Specifically beneficial for investors.
  • Area-based listing
  • One can customize the search by changing locations and expanding preferences.
  • You can create a personalized watchlist.

11. Dotloop

From real estate agents to brokers, Dotloop is a transaction management software preferred by most real estate agents. This application allows its users to  create, edit and sign real estate contracts online. Inside the app. It also allows the users to track the progress bar of each transaction they are working on by providing updates on a given deal at any given time. Storage is another great feature offered by Dotloop where it can save records worth of seven years. Dotloop also offers a free version for test before paying for service.


  • Transaction management designed for realtors.
  • Enables creation, editing, and signage of digital contracts online.
  • A progress bar to track the status of transactions
  • Exceptional storage feature.
  • Test-run software is available.

12. Buffer

Making any realtor’s life significantly easier, Buffer is a social media management platform that allows its users to program and monitor social media posts across platforms. This application works with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin to centralize business content at one place.

This application best for maintaining an online presence and scaling of business by enabling tools to increase the brand awareness and bringing in leads. This could be an exceptional tool for realtors to connect and conduct business with their clients. Surpassing most of the social media management software, Buffer also provides compatibility with mobile devices working on both Android and iOS. 


  • Enables programming and monitoring of social media posts across multiple platforms.
  • Best for scaling business online
  • Provides multiple channels to connect with peers and other realtors.
  • Device compatibility with mobile android and iOS.

13. Redfin

One application that is a favorite among all the realtors, home-buyers and sellers is Redfin. Available in 83 major U.S. markets, this application is known for its efficiency as it updates listings every 15 minutes, allowing prospective buyers to effectively optimize their search. This process is further assisted by the Redfin’s extensive database of more than 70 million addresses, categorized by neighborhood, school zone, ZIP code or city.


  • Quick and latest updates on listings available.
  • Effective search optimization.
  • Extensive database with more than 70 million addresses.

14. Houzz

This application is perfect for house-flipping. Houzz helps you to streamline your renovation process. Bringing modern home buyers and flippers close to innovative and new ideas of designing a home, Houzz provides prospective buyers and sellers access to more than nine million interior design photos, home décor, and professionals online. The application has recently added a real estate agents category in which it offers agents the ability to list themselves with a free profile.


  • Ideal for house-flipping and rehabilitation.
  • Innovative and modern home-designs
  • Extensive database of interior designs photo, home décor, and online professionals.
  • Real estate agents can list themselves with a free profile.

15. Homesnap

Here’s an application that works as a ‘snaphat’, except in the fields of real estate.  This application allows users to take a photo of any home and then receive instant information on it from MLS listings, this information includes additional information such as census data, property tax records and more. With its advent in 2008, this application has reached the top of the charts in providing real-time access to agent-only MLS data and a unique agent branding.


  • Take a photo of any property and receive its information on MLS listing.
  • Information like census  data and  property tax record
  • Provide real-time access to agent-only MLS data.


The is an ultimate app for potential home buyers which provides property listings sourced directly from over 800 MLS. These listings are refreshed every 15 minutes and offer a detailed photos of properties, intimate details such as property tax and sales history.  With easy-to-use search options at hand, it’s a no-brainer for investors and professionals to opt for this application.


  • Ease-of-use
  • Property listings sourced directly from over 800 MLS.
  • Listings are refreshed periodically in every 15 minutes.
  • Detailed information on properties.

17. Premier Agent

Zillow’s Premier agent is another efficient application in the market of real estate. Unlike other real estate apps, it provides realtors instant access to property listing inquiries from both Zillow and Trulia with a provision to manage listings and reviews from one centralized location. The application’s new version also includes a video walkthrough feature to bring listings to life.


  • Application feature of Zillow.
  • Instant access to property listings from the database of both Zillow and Trulia.
  • Enables management and review of listings from one centralized location.

18. Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans’ Mortgage calculator is another great application that is big in real estate landscape. An easy-to-use application where users can estimate their loan amount, interest rate, and term or monthly payments with the click of a button.


  • Easy-to-use application made specifically for real estate professionals.
  • Users can estimate loans amount, interest rates, and monthly payments.

19. Trulia Real Estate

Another popular real estate apps that is used to peruse millions of listings is Trulia Real Estate. This app provides everything from an updated listing of homes for sale, apartments for rent, open houses, high-resolution photo galleries, and comprehensive information like school ratings and crime rates in the area. Trulia Mortgages, a real estate application of the same company, simplifies the process of calculating mortgage payments.


  • Provides updated listings on all kinds of properties.
  • Listings include high resolution photo galleries, neighborhood schools and crime rates in the area.
  • Trulia Mortgage feature simplifies mortgage payment calculation for the users.

20. DocuSign for REALTORS

The DocuSign real estate application combines the power of eSignatures and DocuSign Transaction Rooms to simplify and organize transactions while on the go. There’s also a DocuSign Broker Edition, which can be used to manage transactions across an entire business while also providing mobility to agents. Both DocuSign for REALTORS and DocuSign Broker Edition is available for Android and iOS.


  • Simplifies and organizes transactions on the go.
  • The DocuSign Broker edition helps manage transactions across the entire business.
  • Provides exceptional mobility to realtors.

21. ZipRealty


ZipRealty, is an app for you if you are either buying or selling. . Not only does it allow you to draw boundaries on their highly intuitive map to set a location for where you plan on buying property, but you can also opt for instant notifications for when the house in your specified location hits the market. The application’s segmented reality feature also allows you to see the houses nearby for sale, including the open houses. And the best part – you can get the feel of home watching right from the comforts of your own couch.


  • Enables you to highlight your desired location and showcase properties in that area.
  • Instant notifications when a property goes up the listing.
  • Segmented reality feature allows you to see the houses nearby for sale including open-houses.

22. Doorsteps Swipe

Doorsteps Swipe is one of the best applications for house hunting.  In association with, this app functions much like the Tinder for finding real estate properties. The applications lets you make profile with all your personalized needs and preferences, along with inputs of specific financial information and upper cap on your budget. You can select from multiple areas, cities and neighborhoods and view properties. And just like tinder, you swipe left or right on them. Easy as it comes.


  • You can make a profile based on your preferences and needs.
  • Can swipe left or right on properties of your choice.
  • You can select from a list of multiple areas, cities, and neighborhoods.

As you look for better property options, some of these applications can come in handy in finding the right resources and preferential results. We at MUB Real Estate are in the business of making the journey of property management easier for you whether you are a realtor, a buyer, seller, or an investor.

23. 99 Acres Real Estate and Property

99 acres is well known for making the property search mobile and on the go. This application allows you to visually explore different kinds of properties including apartments, houses, plots and even commercial offices. Some of its attractive features include videos, interactive maps and high-resolution photographs.


  • Property brokers and agents are readily available with an instant call facility.
  • You can easily search for listings from over 10,000 properties on the database.
  • Provides a platform to advertise your property for rent or sale.
  • You can shortlist your properties and review them later.

24. Trovit

Trovit collects data of houses and apartments listed online on several different websites and applications. The application makes all the property listings available for users at one centralized place. This application gives you an easy and convenient place to start searching your property.


  • You can easily filter your search results according to the relevance of your property.
  • Create personalized alerts with your ideal price range, your own combinations, and preferences.
  • Serves as a comprehensive platform offering extensive and intelligent search.


As you go around looking for the best real estate apps to serve your needs and preferences, this list of 24 exclusive applications can be your guide to finding the right match for you. We at MUB Real Estate are dedicated to bringing this customer experience to the table where your priorities as a property seller, buyer, realtor, or investor are at the forefront of our services.

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