Summer, Lifting of Restrictions See Tourists Flock to Antalya

lifting of restrictions see tourists flock to antalya

Summers are here and the tourist season has begun. With the onset of the season, a wave of tourists to Turkey’s Mediterranean resort city of Antalya has flown in driven by the gradual lifting of travel restrictions.

According to the data compiled by the Fraport TAV Antalya, this southern province of Turkey welcomed more than 1.5 million overseas visitors from January through to June this year. 

In the month of June alone more than 721,000 tourists landed in Antalya, where the travel restrictions declared allowance of only 747,000 foreigners to arrive in the five months before that.

As Moscow lifted its two-month ban on Turkish flights, the decision prompted a large wave of tourists according to the country’s top visitor source. Two more important markets – Germany and France also removed Turkey from their risk of high-risk countries last month.

In Antalya, among the list of foreign tourists landing, Ukrainian tourists led the way in the first half of the year with 417,493, followed by Russian tourists who amounted to 406,562, and Germany with 198,835, the data showed.

As soon as Russia lifted its ban, planes started arriving in the southern province on June 22, after a two-month flight suspension, these planes have been reported to have brought in more than 110,000 Russians in a course of just one week. Since last year, around 2.13 million Russian tourists have visited Turkey, the highest of any country that year, nevertheless the number has significantly gone down from 7 million in 2019.

Among others, the Mediterranean resort city saw some 89,582 tourists arriving from Poland in the January-June period, 46,372 from Belarus, 41,114 from Kazakhstan, 34,886 from Romania, 33,530 from Moldova, 22,114 from Lithuania, and over 20,000 from Serbia.

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