Eid Mubarak: What to do in Istanbul over the Bayram

qurban bayram in turkey

Eid al-Adha is the day that marks the conclusion of Hajj, which is a kind of compulsory pilgrimage for all capable Muslims. The festival of Eid al-Adha is expected to be celebrated on 21 July 2021 and so the holidays in Turkey begin on the 19th of this month. This four-and-a-half day is considered to be the longest national holiday in Turkey where many natives combine the weekend’s preceding and following the holiday to take their vacation.

Importance of Qurban Bayram

Though primarily remembered for its long-standing tradition of animal sacrifice, Qurban Bayram in Turkey is a time for connecting with family and the community as a whole, as well as empathy and charity.

1) Feast of Sacrifice:

The Feast of the Sacrifice commemorates Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael to show his faithfulness to Allah. This festival is all about charity and community. The majority of Turks as the tradition sacrifice a farm animal for consumption during this festival and distribute it among their neighbors, friends, and those in need.

2) Traditions:

The whole city lights up with bright lights, and people especially kids are dressed in colorful dresses while visiting their relatives. This is a tradition where young children go to their elders, kiss their hand, and wish them a happy Bayram, in exchange, the elders gift them a small amount of money to buy their favorite toys and sweets.

3) Busy City:

The nightlife in Istanbul literally balloons up during the Bayram. The streets of Taksim, Besiktas, or Kadıkoy will be filled with sugar-rushed holiday revelers. Moreover, this is the time where public transportation will be supremely busy in Istanbul.

4) Best time to hang out:

You get a lot of delicious food during the Bayram, and this is the best to take your friends and go embrace the chaotic city or even visit the beauty of the rural area.

Places to Visit while Celebrating Eid holidays in Istanbul:

1) Grand Bazaar:

One of the largest and oldest covered markets in the entire world. 

2) Süleymaniye Mosque:

This mosque is one of the most popular sights in Instanbul, made by Sultan Suleyman.

3) Hagia Sophia:  

First used to be a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, then converted to an Ottoman mosque, and now it is known to be one of the most popular museums in the world.

4) Prince Island:

A series of quaint and picturesque islands in the Marmara Sea.

5) 360 Istanbul:

Known for its great food, design, and atmosphere.

6) Trip to Antalya:

This coastal city is the second most visited city in Turkey and is known as the gateway to Turquoise Beach or the Turkish Riviera.

7) Taksim Square:

The city’s main pedestrian boulevard, connected to a huge web of side streets that contain rooftop restaurants, bars, antique shops, etc.

8) Topkapi Palace:

A complex of kiosks and pavilions was the principal residence of sultans.


Istanbul is one of the most beautiful world’s great cities and therefore there are so many wonderful reasons why you should visit this city this Eid.

Happy Eid and Happy Holidays!

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